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About DiscInsert

DiscInsert provides a user-friendly interface to rip or play DVDs when they're inserted. This is especially useful if you rip or play DVDs often, or if you want your less tech-savy roommates to be able to rip and play DVDs without your help. DiscInsert also connects to the Internet to retrieve info about the inserted DVD such as it's full title, the director, it's MPAA rating and box art--all of which are presented to the user in a nice 10ft interface with big, shiny "Rip" and "Play" buttons. You can even configure a timeout so that if the "Rip" or "Play" button hasn't been selected after so many seconds, DiscInsert will automatically start ripping or playing the DVD without any input at all. This means ripping a DVD with the proper settings and to the proper location can be accomplished as easily as just inserting the disc--you wouldn't even need your monitor or TV on!

How It Works

DiscInsert doesn't do the actual ripping or playing, but instead it can be configured to work with any ripper and player that accepts command line arguments (or anything else by using an automation program like AutoIT). You just configure the command line for the ripper and player with placeholders for the things that DiscInsert provides (like the title of the DVD retrieved from the Internet, an output location with enough free space, the letter of the disc drive, etc.). When it comes time to rip or play the DVD, DiscInsert replaces those placeholders with the actual information and runs the program.

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